Go Mountain Hawks! Rrrrrrrrrrraaaaa

Posted on: March 28th, 2012

That is the sound of the Mountain Hawks screaming from a perch in a conifer tree, swooping down to grasp the Duke Blue Devil in its talons. I’ve never understood how a devil could be blue. Is it a comment on how cold can burn just as severely as heat? I am an alumni of Lehigh Universitylocated in the sleepy Bethlehem, PA where I studied Greek Mythology and Theatre, and was head cheerleader for the women’s lacrosse squad. I will be reprising my role as spirit adviser for the Mountain Hawks 1st round March Madness game. My freshman roommate Paul Fiedler and I will be dressed in full Hawk regalia: wings, beak, and tail feathers. Paul and I had some crazy times together. We were infamous in theHonors Dorm for our marathon games of the board game Risk. Can’t wait to see you in Greensboro, N.C. on Friday Fiedz (that’s what I called Paul; it’s a shortened version of his last name). RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAA!